UtilityWare LauraFall

Having grown up as a dependent in the military, I don't have a history of place, but places are my history. When I started using impressions of manhole covers in my ceramic work, I recognized these covers as representations of the 'where' in our lives. They reveal the wear and tear of time and people - the travel of feet, pets, strollers as well as debris from man and nature. Some are simple; others are complex. The design is deep and allows for excellent texture in a finished piece.

I've been pursuing my love of ceramics for over 20 years. A recent work sabbatical afforded me time to find my path in clay and dig deeper into my obsession of utility covers. I make impressions directly on the utility cover to create a master mold that is used to create trays, vases, and tiles. My finished pieces allow for familiarity, conversation and functional use.

I am a studio member at Lee Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia. My clay body is stoneware and I fire to cone 5/6 in an electric kiln.